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The job in brief

The purpose of this job is to oversee operations of our on-campus research laboratory focusing on biodiversity genomics at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York. This is a lab manager position encompassing about 50% bench and 50% administrative lab support. While the position is currently funded for 5 years, I aim to renew it and it may become a permanent staff position.

  • There is a salary range of up to $55K salary with benefits, depending on qualifications. Benefits at Stony Brook University are excellent include vacation and paid sick leave, in addition to excellent health, dental, and vision insurance.

  • Your unique goals and skills can shape this position. For example, depending on your career goals, the position can offer excellent insight into graduate education and long-term research careers. You can contribute to research publications. We apply the authorship matrix approach to authorship, and lab management contributions count.

  • My goal is to make this job an opportunity to conduct key aspects of scientific research without having to constantly worry about funding, or completing a thesis.

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What will you be doing?

You will:

  • Oversee maintenance of the bench and computer lab functions. I will work with you to review this. In brief, it involves making sure we don’t run out of essential supplies and that various computers work and lab data are safe.
  • Relatedly, manage lab compliance and schedules. We work with animal samples brought from the field that fall under regulation by the University and the Federal Government.
  • Manage expenses. Our lab is funded through multiple projects and fund types that follow different rules and timelines.
  • Manage and work in collaboration with a team of postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and occasional visitors to the lab

With support from the entire lab team, I have been conducting most of these tasks myself for 15 years. Although we have systems in place, I’m sure we can improve them with your creativity and drive.

What is the difference between this job and a research assistant (e.g., graduate student)?

  • Unlike a research assistantship, this may become a permanent position. It will last at least 5 years with current funding, and we will seek to make it permanent.
  • Most research assistants are associated with individual projects, here you will work across projects and the focus is on keeping the lab humming, for a longer time.
  • A (graduate) research assistant at Stony Brook State makes $37K plus benefits, and this job is up to $55K plus full-time employee benefits. I.e., the salary is higher.
  • There is more flexibility in how we collaborate. Both undergraduate and graduate student research assistante are constantly working toward their graduation. Graduate students are expected to collect and analyze data, then write their findings. Although you may carve out a project of your own, how we collaborate and on what timeline is flexible.
  • For these reasons, I expect the job will be less stressful and more conducive toward work-life balance, while still participating and depending on interests, advancing, in scientific research.

What makes an outstanding applicant?

  • You are passionate about scientific research.
  • You are kind towards others.
  • You uphold high ethical standards in your work.
  • You are motivated to persevere and overcome obstacles.
  • You bring a conscientious, organized, and detail-oriented approach to work.
  • You have some relevant experience (e.g., managing a project, or through internships).
  • You can communicate clearly and effectively, including providing and taking honest feedback.
  • You can be adaptable and creative.

What about past experience?

Many different forms of past experience count. For example, a laboratory internship or project management of your own can count. Laboratory research assistantships also count, especially insofar as you have helped advance a own project. Advanced degrees are not required, but you won’t be overqualified with a master’s degree.

How to apply
Upload your CV and cover letter to the online system. Here is what to emphasize:

  • CV:
    • your science degree,
    • experience with data organization, project or lab management for any area of lab-based biology or environmental science,
    • basic (or more advanced) bench and computer skills too.
  • Letter:
    • What are your scientific interests?
    • How have your past experience and background prepared you for this job?
    • What makes you an excellent candidate for this position?
    • What are your career goals?
    • How will this position support those career goals? (I.e., areas of growth)

There is a deadline

Applications will close on May 19, 2023. Contact me with questions.

Liliana M. Dávalos
Liliana M. Dávalos
Professor of Conservation Biology

I’m interested in biodiversity, both its past and its future.