New postdoc opportunity!

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Together with Angela Rasmussen, were hiring an #integrative biology #postdoc! Love🦇 #bats, 🧬 #ecology, #evolution, #viruses 🦠? Come work with us on a NSF funded collaboration with Tigga Kingston and Simon Anthony. Apply now!

Required Qualifications: Doctoral Degree (or foreign equivalent) in ecological virology, physiology, metabolism, and/or immunology, or closely related field in hand by January 2023. Proven interests in integrative science crossing disciplines and in mentoring students.

Preferred Qualifications:
Excellent communication skills across disciplines as demonstrated by peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts. Keen interest in or experience with high dimensional, integrative data analyses. Applicants should be willing to work as part of a diverse multidisciplinary and multicultural team.

Brief Description of Duties:
Our goal is to discover the mechanisms governing relationships among the environment, the wildlife host, and the viral communities they support by answering three key questions: (1) how do host abundance, reproduction, age, and condition differentially or interactively influence viral diversity; (2) how does the host respond to stressors in wild populations; and (3) how do gene expression profiles and viral infection influence one another in the wild?

The postdoctoral researcher at Stony Brook and VIDO/USask will primarily focus on the second and third questions while working closely with two other postdoctoral researchers at collaborating institutions. Approaches to answering these questions will include transcriptomics, data integration, and some field work. As part of the project, the postdoctoral researcher will have ample opportunity to build on or acquire primary skill sets in RNA-seq analyses and secondary skill sets in fieldwork, viral discovery, training in biocontainment procedures, big data, and integrative analyses.

The incumbent will conduct research in the Department of Ecology and Evolution and ensure that all experiments are appropriately conducted following the policies and procedures of Stony Brook University. For more information please visit the Davalos Lab website.


  • Collect and analyze transcriptomic genetic data, integrate with data sets collected by collaborators, and conduct some field work
  • Build on or acquire primary skill sets in RNA-seq analyses and secondary skill sets in fieldwork, viral discovery, training in biocontainment procedures, and big data, integrative analyses.
  • Prepare manuscripts including writing, editing, and figure preparation. May also assist in grant writing.
  • Advance mentoring by helping develop and implement an innovative active-learning experience called “From the Bat Cave – Integrative Disease Research for Undergraduates.”
  • Work in close collaboration with two other postdoctoral researchers at TTU and UC Davis, as well as the four PIs
  • Other duties as assigned, which may include attending Scientific Conferences and Meetings.
Liliana M. Dávalos
Liliana M. Dávalos
Professor of Conservation Biology

I’m interested in how biology and the environment shape biodiversity in time and space.