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As Colombia’s coca economy crashes, new opportunities — and threats — arise

This analysis by Mie Dahl includes several quotes by Dávalos. While minor compared to the deforestation caused by clearing for pasture, coca cultivation still affects local communities through contamination of soil and water, violence and crime — yet remains a vital source of livelihood for more than 230,000 families.

Nicolette Sipperly presents at Botany 2023

Doctoral candidate Nicolette Sipperly presented at Botany Conference 2023. Nicolette showed results from her phenotypic comparisons across populations of Draba albertina, and connections between art and science. Congratulations to Nicolette!

Doctoral candidates present at Evolution 2023

Doctoral candidates Alexis Brown and William Thomas presented at Evolution 2023. While Lexi presented “Evidence for novel molecular mechanisms for resisting sensorineural hearing loss in echolocating bats,” Bill presented “Comparative transcriptomics reveal life history tradeoffs associated with the evolution of a seasonal size plasticity in shrews.” Congratulations to both!

War on drugs and Colombia's forests

This analysis by Gena Steffens includes several quotes by Dávalos. Informed by on-the-ground reporting from San José del Guaviare, Steffens highlights the failures of drug policy in the Amazon-Andes region.

Mongabay revisits predictions on Amazonian deforestation

Decades ago and writing using a pseudonym, Dávalos wondered whether peace could be worse than war. In Mongabay, Antonio Paz revisits this question, highlighting new empirical insights that confirm the dire predictions.

Dávalos Earns First-Ever Fulbright Amazonia Fellowship

A newly established Fulbright Scholar Program called Fulbright Amazonia supports an international network of scientists who will carry out research dedicated to protecting the diverse wildlife and indigenous communities of the Amazon. Dávalos will investigate the effect of coca cultivation and cocaine trafficking on Amazonian wildlife and communities.

Lab manager opportunity! No longer taking applications

The job in brief

The purpose of this job is to oversee operations of our on-campus research laboratory focusing on biodiversity genomics at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York. This is a lab manager position encompassing about 50% bench and 50% administrative lab support. While the position is currently funded for 5 years, I aim to renew it and it may become a permanent staff position.

La fauna de Madagascar se enfrenta a una ola inminente de extinción

¡Aún hay tiempo para salvar los mamíferos amenazados de Madagascar! Esta reseña en Muy Interesante resalta los desafíos para la conservación.