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Mongabay revisits predictions on Amazonian deforestation

Decades ago and writing using a pseudonym, Dávalos wondered whether peace could be worse than war. In Mongabay, Antonio Paz revisits this question, highlighting new empirical insights that confirm the dir predictions.

Dávalos Earns First-Ever Fulbright Amazonia Fellowship

A newly established Fulbright Scholar Program called Fulbright Amazonia supports an international network of scientists who will carry out research dedicated to protecting the diverse wildlife and indigenous communities of the Amazon. Dávalos will investigate the effect of coca cultivation and cocaine trafficking on Amazonian wildlife and communities.

Lab manager opportunity! No longer taking applications

The job in brief

The purpose of this job is to oversee operations of our on-campus research laboratory focusing on biodiversity genomics at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York. This is a lab manager position encompassing about 50% bench and 50% administrative lab support. While the position is currently funded for 5 years, I aim to renew it and it may become a permanent staff position.

  • There is a salary range of up to $55K salary with benefits, depending on qualifications. Benefits at Stony Brook University are excellent include vacation and paid sick leave, in addition to excellent health, dental, and vision insurance.

  • Your unique goals and skills can shape this position. For example, depending on your career goals, the position can offer excellent insight into graduate education and long-term research careers. You can contribute to research publications. We apply the authorship matrix approach to authorship, and lab management contributions count.

  • My goal is to make this job an opportunity to conduct key aspects of scientific research without having to constantly worry about funding, or completing a thesis.

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La fauna de Madagascar se enfrenta a una ola inminente de extinción

¡Aún hay tiempo para salvar los mamíferos amenazados de Madagascar! Esta reseña en Muy Interesante resalta los desafíos para la conservación.

An end to conflict and expansion of deforestation

Back in 2001, during a temporary rapprochement, Liliana predicted bursts of deforestation following the end of conflict. Decades later, the data bear this prediction out check out this synthesis at Mongabay LatAm by Antonio Paz .

Why this mammal eats its own brain

Dino Grandoni has written an excellent perspective on the shrew project for the Washington Post!

New postdoc opportunity!

Together with Angela Rasmussen, were hiring an #integrative biology #postdoc! Love🦇 #bats, 🧬 #ecology, #evolution, #viruses 🦠? Come work with us on a NSF funded collaboration with Tigga Kingston and Simon Anthony. This position is now closed.