Join the Dávalos Lab

The Dávalos Lab is open to motivated students at every level, from summer research experiences for High School students to fully-funded PhD in the E&E or IDPAS, and postdoctoral work for both domestic or domestic or international postdocs. Go to the Projects page to view current projects, or check out recent publications.

Eager to join the Dávalos Lab?

  • A sharp and quick mind cannot take the place of hard work.
  • Own your project, whether you have picked it from a range of projects available in the lab, or developed it over months of wrestling with the state of the art in ecology and evolution, it is yours to conduct.
  • You will only succeed if your project motivates you enough that you can slog through the uncertainty and frustrations of scientific work.
  • Your project answers questions that have not been asked before. You must have the determination to answer them.
  • 95% of everything is showing up. Put in the time reading, working in the lab, analyzing data, etc. to be able to carry out your project.

High School and Undergraduate students:

  • Investigate the publications and projects up and running in the lab, and find one research line that attracts you.
  • Consider why you want to join a research lab. Your motivation must come from within.

Graduate students:

How to apply