Join the Dávalos Lab

The Dávalos Lab is always open to motivated students at every level, from summer research experiences for High School students to fully-funded PhD and postdoctoral studies. Go to the Projects page to view projects open to new students.

Do you have what it takes to join the Dávalos Lab?

  • A sharp and quick mind cannot take the place of hard work.
  • Own your project, whether you have picked it from a range of projects available in the lab, or developed it over months of wrestling with the state of the art in ecology and evolution, it is yours to conduct.
  • You will only succeed if your project motivates you enough that you can slog through the uncertainty and frustration of scientific work.
  • Your project answers questions that have not been asked before. You must have the determination to answer them.
  • 95% of everything is showing up. You must put in the time reading, working in the lab, analyzing data, etc. to be able to carry out your project.
  • If you don’t know what a word/theory/name means, find out. By yourself. Online.

High School and Undergraduate students:

  • Investigate the publications and projects up and running in the lab, and find one research line that attracts you.
  • Consider why you want to join a research lab. Your motivation must come from within, and not just because it’s what authority figures want from you.
  • HS students have to set aside 30-40 hours each week during the summer to conduct your project. Less than that will not do.
  • Your honors thesis will demand at least 40 hr/week over the summer, and at least 10hr/week for writing when the semester is in session.

Graduate students:

  • If your adviser had the answer she would have published it already.
  • Read this modest advice from Stephen C. Stearns, and then this reply from Ray Huey

How to apply