GLI 320: Global, Cultural, and Environmental Issues

Offered Fall 2022

Provides a critical understanding of how environmental problems and conflicts have roots in global social processes (such as culture, community, and political and economic inequality), and how these social forces in turn bear on the ways individuals and groups understand environmental problems and politically mobilize to change them.


BIO 336: Conservation Biology

Offered Spring 2022

Active learning course. Introduces the scientific foundations of conservation biology, along with real-world examples. Seven learning units: demography, population genetics, between-species interactions, island biogeography, biogeochemistry, and environmental economics. Classroom is flipped, course includes pre- and post-assessments of class content, activities in every class period, numerous take-home exercises, online-based textbooks, and open-notes exams. The course has been part of a NSF-funded project to evaluate the effectiveness of one-semester interventions in building critical thinking skills.


BIO 211: Statistics and Data Analysis: A Conceptual Approach

Offered Fall 2021 [different instructor]

This course is an introduction to probability and data analysis emphasizing the nature of science, statistical literacy, thinking, and reasoning. While focused on statistical concepts such as probability and distributions, examples and applications are based on competencies relevant to biological data and interpretations in light of biological models.